Clean your cleaning supplies

Regular washing and rinsing of your cleaning tools, such as Magical sponges, PowerSCRUB and Uni cloths, is very important. The porous structure of the sponges, cloths and spongecloths is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which, when multiplied, can move on the furniture during wiping. If the sponge or cloths is not clean, your cleaning efforts are in vain. Therefore, it is best to always check their condition and occasionally wash them like clothes.

Use a washing-soda to keep the cloths clean

Clean your dirty MPS scrubber, dish cloths or rags in warm, soapy water. Here’s an organic tip we’ve heard from our grandparents: pour 3 table spoons of washing-soda into 1 liter of hot water to get a general cleansing liquid. After washing, always rinse the cleaning cloth thoroughly with clean water, as any chemicals remaining in the textile could make household surfaces look dull. It is important that the washing-soda is stored in a dry, cool place. If your skin is sensitive, work with it in rubber gloves as it can dry the skin!

Floor wipers, window cleaners, and universal microfiber cloths are extremely effective, take great care of them! Unlike sponges and scouring pads, you can wash them in a washing-machine at 60 degrees. They do not need detergent, washing-soda or soap, just clean water.

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