How is it going with the windows?

When was the last time you really cleaned your windows? Not just the glass, but the frame, inside and out? With the help of these few tricks, this not so pleasant work can be done more quickly and effectively.

Some tips for cleaning:

First, put on a pair of Extra Long Rubber Gloves to keep your whole forearm dry. Use hot water instead of cold water, but not too hot to avoid the detergent losing its potency. Whatever cleaning agent you add, whisk it thoroughly. First wash the window frame with a non-scratch sponge and after that continue with the glass surface. Then use a silicone window scraper to remove excess water. Just wipe the silicone strip with a cloth after each wipe to prevent you from re-applying the water that has already been removed. Finally, grab a MicroGLASS microfiber cloth and wipe the glass for a shiny, lint-free surface.

Choosing the right time for cleaning is also important for getting the perfect result and making your own work easier. In direct sunlight, the window dries quickly and stains easily.

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