Always comfortable and clean terrace!

The terrace is the most important place for summer gatherings and everyday activities, because almost everything happens here. However, with its frequent use, we need to pay more attention to keeping it clean, because who doesn't want to welcome their guests in the most pleasant environment possible?

  • Surround yourself with as much green space as possible, as many plants as possible, always have shade, UV rays not only damage your skin but also most furniture over time.
  • To keep the floor clean, place a mop set on the terrace so that it’s always handy if it rains, if water spills when watering plants and flowers, if you want to clean up after your dog or cat, or even if you spill some of your drink. For delicate wood surfaces we recommend the microfiber MicroMOP, while for coarser materials (such as concrete or stone) we recommend the more robust SoftMOP or the extra strong SupraMOP.
  • Use cloths to keep the railings and glass surfaces clean. Keep some at hand so you can react quickly at any circumstances! MicroScrub cloths remove dirt from any surface with ease. It can also be used on glass without chemicals: just wipe off the dust with water and then use the MicroGlass cloth to make it dry and streak-free. The less durable but much cheaper UNI cloth can also be used to absorb liquid.
  • It’s a good idea to use weatherproof furniture made of rattan, metal or even use pallets to make tables and seating. Whatever their durability, we can’t protect them from dirt, but large sponges can quickly wipe down larger surfaces: don’t be affraid to use car sponges for a quick wash-off.
  • Once everything is clean and tip-top, it’s time to enjoy the summer evenings together with an outdoor barbecue. Whether you’re barbecuing or cooking, washing up the equipment can be a daunting task. Grill SmartPACK has been designed to remove the most stubborn burnt-on dirt, with everything you need in one pack. With an easy-grip sponge coated with a heat resistant scourer, you can even start cleaning your grill grid while it’s hot. To remove the roughly burnt soot, the MPS scrubber will be your biggest help, with the strength of the tightly woven metal threads. No need to rush for dishwashing liquid, you can get the dirty work done immediately under the garden tap with the pre-soaped scrubbing pad. The last piece of the barbecue kit is a sponge cloth to soak up any greasy liquid. What’s more, its natural cellulose material makes it biodegradable.
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