Bio ideas for the living-room

The living-room is one of the most important rooms: it is the place where the family gathers and guests are usually also welcomed here. These are the best ideas to make your stay in the room an even cleaner and more pleasant experience! To remove dust from the furniture, add a little orange oil to the water. This not only helps in removing dirt, but also polishes the furniture while providing a nice scent.

Natural materials for carpet cleaning

For carpet cleaning, use corn starch and salt. If the carpet is gray, brush the surface with a mixture of dry, large grain salt. After rubbing simply clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

The so-called borax water can also be effective in reviving the color of the faded carpet. Just put 3 table spoons of borax into a bucket of water, dip the Uni cloth into the mixture then carefully and thoroughly rub the dusted carpet with it. Finally, repeat the process with clean water. If the carpet is only slightly dirty, rub it with tea leaf and vacuum it.

If you want to refresh your sofa or mattress, just spread some baking soda on it, leave it there for an hour, then finally clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Baking soda neutralizes odors and refreshes textiles.

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