A single packet, endless cleaning possibilities

A good set of cleaning products is an absolute must for the most troublesome of household chores. Our Grill SmartPACK includes everything you need to move even the greasiest, hardest-to-shift stains. Let us show you all the uses of the individual products when cleaning the barbecue, and much more besides.

Finally, a package put together by experts for the job we all used to hate. We’ll start with the ergonomic grill sponge, a robust black grill sponge with a tough heat resistant scouring pad.

robust black grill sponge

A perfect start to general cleaning of your BBQ, a real durable basic piece that won’t crumble or tear apart after heavy use. The scourer loosens dried-on remains, while the sponge can reach into every corner. Fed up with having to buy different products for every household cleaning job? The grill is not all what this sponge can handle. It’s also ideally suited to scrubbing the surface of an outdoor cooking pot or other cooking surface, even if it’s still hot, as the fire-resistant scouring pad can withstand high temperatures with ease. It can also be put to use cleaning the outside boiler of a summer house. The scrubber is perfect for cleaning the hot tank after a day in the sun.

MPS metal scourer

To mercilessly tackle even the ugliest burnt-on food, we recommend the MPS metal scourer. The metal wires envelop the grill bars to remove greasy, charred remains in seconds. But it’s not only great for dealing with the aftermath of a cook-out. If you have a rusty surface that needs repainting, you can use the scourer to easily remove any layers of oxidation and dirt. If you are painting wood but don’t have any sandpaper handy, it’s also great for removing splinters and smoothing rough surfaces.

steel wool soap pad

The other star of the set is none other than the steel wool soap pad, which is truly one of a kind. Imagine a cushioned sponge ready-filled with detergent so you have no need for additional cleaning agents. This makes it fantastic for cleaning utensils under the hose after a barbecue, while it can even be used to rinse off garden tools following a good yard work session. It is also ideal for restoring the shine of dusty bicycle wheels after a winter spend in hibernation. Simply wipe thoroughly with the damp soap pad and rinse off with water and your bike will be just as good as new. Children’s plastic play equipment and toys, such as a truck, slide or ball can also be made to gleam under a running tap.

sponge cloth

We recommend the most popular item in the set, the sponge cloth, for greasy surfaces or areas that have fallen victim to major spillages. All you need is a single wipe to remove stains left by drinks or gunk gathered on plastic or rattan cane garden furniture. This cloth is so absorbent that it is equally effective for cleaning rain-soaked deckchairs, muddy windowsills and even the dog or cat’s bowl.

Grill SmartPACK

In no time at all, you’ll see that the Grill SmartPACK is your best friend not only when it comes to barbecues, but also for a variety of cleaning tasks in the garden and even the garage. The best thing about it is you don’t need to buy a bunch of individual products for barbecues, DIY or yard work. The resealable storage bag of the Grill SmartPACK is also a practical accessory in itself. The sturdy little plastic bag can be used to keep small items safe long after the cleaning products themselves have reached the end of their useful life.

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