How to use a steel wool soap pad.

With this innovative two-in-one product, you can remove stubborn stains all over the house with a single wipe and no need for additional cleaning agents. Take a look at our three cleaning tips and learn when a steel wool soap pad is absolutely unbeatable!

This new item has become a secret weapon among cleaning products. A real favorite that combines the power of soap with the abrasiveness of a steel wool pad. With this practical product, you can finally simplify the most bothersome cleaning jobs.

If you’ve ever set to cleaning your barbecue with a bottle of cleaning liquid and an arsenal of sponges and scourers, you will know this unenviable job often catches out even the most expert of cleaners. Put your bottle of cleaning agent away and try a soap pad instead! Replace a bucket load of products with a soap pad and simply scrub down the barbecue grill using the outside tap! The fibers of the pad wrap themselves perfectly around the metal grill, while adding water will release the soap that helps remove stubborn, greasy residue. It may seem unbelievable, but you really do only need an outside tap or hose and the soap pad to replace a complete set of cleaning products!

The other big challenge in households is definitely the bathroom: those little corners of the bathtub, shower cubicle, taps and drains. Sneakily hidden away, you will find bothersome, hard-to-reach dirt and residue. Just a few wipes of the soap pad, however, and the dirt and limescale is gone! This single product combines a steel wool pad with the cleansing effect of soap to achieve a powerful dual effect. And the best thing of all? You can even get it in the gaps between the tiles: those spots where only a soap pad will help you get rid of limescale with a single movement!

Finally, possibly the most annoying problem: those tiny drops of paint that have collected on the tiles! They may look like they’re impossible to get rid of and ruin the whole look of the bathroom. But don’t worry, your soap pad will give you exactly what you need: simultaneous strength and tenderness! With a firm grip, scrub away at the spots of paint, then sit back and admire the shine!

Tip: Soap pads are also a big hit in the kitchen. With no need for any additional cleaning agents, you can immediately remove any dried food left on plates and limescale stains on glasses. It’s also great for sprucing up the sink, the area around the drain and calcified drip trays!

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