Five reasons to switch to a sponge cloth

If the first thing on your shopping list is a packet of wasteful and polluting paper towels, then it's time to make a change. Economical, incredibly absorbent, long-lasting, washable, disinfectable and environmentally friendly: we present the BONUS sponge cloth!

Longer lasting

A single sponge cloth can last as long as a month. Maybe it’s even better to say that you can use one BONUS sponge cloth for every 15 rolls of paper towel. Just think how much simpler your life will be!

More effective

We usually use paper towels to mop up spills, but a sponge cloth is way better at the job. It is an indispensable companion when washing dishes or removing leftovers from the kitchen counter, but you can also use it in the bathroom to wipe the bathroom cabinet or clean the tub. The other big advantage is that it not only soaks up but also retains liquid, something you definitely can’t say about paper towels. Spilt your tea? Vase tipped over? Juice all over the table? With a single wipe of the cloth, the surface is dry once again.


Unquestionably one of the biggest advantages of a sponge cloth is that you can always keep it clean. If it feels in need of a refresh after a few uses, just dampen it and pop it in the microwave for two minutes to kill off any bacteria. You can also apply a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil. Tea tree oil not only has an antibacterial effect, it also smells great. It’s even easier to put your sponge cloths in the washing machine or even the dishwasher. After a wash at 60 degrees, they will be as good as new!


Unlike a paper towel, you don’t have to throw a used BONUS sponge in the trash, or even the recycling, as it’s made from biodegradable cellulose. You can even compost it, thus returning it to the cycle of nature and helping protect the environment in the process. On the other hand, even though paper towels are made from recyclable paper, they still end up in the bin after a single use, while their production processes have a huge negative impact on the environment.

More economical

If the above qualities haven’t won you over yet, you’re sure to be swayed by the value for money sponge wipes offer. Constantly buying paper towels is the equivalent of cutting a hole in your wallet! You have to buy them all the time because they tend to run out at a rapid rate. You’ll need a new roll or pack a week if you’re lucky. A BONUS sponge, on the other hand, only costs 0.8-1€, depending on the type, and lasts at least ten times longer.

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