Dazzlingly clean, and not just in the kitchen

The BONUS+ Kitchen SmartPACK contains everything you could ever need to have your kitchen or any other room sparkling! Let's take a look at what treasures this practical pack has in store and how to put them to good use!

It’s everyone’s dream to finally have all their cleaning products in one place without having to buy individual items one by one. Which is exactly why we created the BONUS+ Kitchen SmartPACK. Inside, you’ll find handy cleaning products for the entire kitchen and every other part of the house.


Let’s start with the big favorite, the PowerSCRUB, an amazing two-in-one cloth, no less. You can use the abrasive scrubbing side to deal with the most stubborn residues, then turn it over to perfect the results with the softer cloth side. It’s an essential companion for washing up and removing food stuck to the kitchen worktop, but you can also use it in the bathroom to clean bathroom cabinets or the tub.

non-scratch scourer

Our sponge with a scourer and sponge cloth attached is also an essential product with a dual function. Its scourer part is perfect for scrubbing pots, pans and baking trays. The strong, non-scratch scourer removes stubborn, greasy residues without harming the surface of the kitchenware. You can use the sponge part to wipe the kitchen worktops and stove or even clean the dining table. However, it would be a shame to keep this sponge hidden away in the kitchen: it’s also great for the bathroom. Use the scrubbing part to remove soap residue from the bath, limescale stains from tiles and polish faucets that have lost their shine due to water stains. Finally, you can also soak up even the smallest drops of water with the soft sponge layers.

Inox Maxi spiral scourer

Another big favorite is the Inox Maxi spiral scourer, a hygienic abrasive scourer made of large stainless steel wires for even the most stubborn dirt. It is densely woven with a great grip and is perfect if you’re struggling to remove the charred black layer inside the oven, for example. You can use it to clean uncoated pans, as well as to wash carrots, potatoes or beets under running water. You can also get your stove and grill racks shining if you use it to clean up and residue and food remains. The scourer will also serve you well if you need to remove hard, stubborn dirt from other, tougher surfaces, such as tools in the garage.

MicroSRCUB microfiber cloth

Finally, my personal favourite. The soft and extra absorbent, antibacterial MicroSRCUB microfiber cloth, a real treat for all surfaces that need a good wiping down. It will leave the dining table in the kitchen perfectly dust free and clean, not to mention the shelves, cabinets, and even the TV screen in the living room. Thanks to its microfibers, it attracts and traps dirt, and you can even use it when dry. I also recommend using it to wipe down cribs, diaper changers and plastic or wooden toys in the nursery. Because it physically removes bacteria, it is super effective even without the use of cleaning agents.

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