Ged rid of the smells

By cleaning our home, we want to get rid of not only the dirt, but also the unpleasant odours. Before using an air freshener, think back to your grandparents' home, which had a nice, clean smell even without artificial scents! Replace used oxygen with regular opening of the windows and create a fresh scent with an orange, lemon grass or lavender essential oil dripped onto an Ideal sponge!

Replace odours with natural scents!

You don’t even have to rely on an electric exhaust fan if you’re struggling with unpleasant odours in the kitchen. The air can become pretty unpleasant after cooking. Wash fish-smelling dishes in hot vinegar to bring back their freshness. Fill bad-smelling plastic dishes with coffee-grounds dilluted in warm water, leave to stand for a while, then wash with a Brilliant sponge. It is best to let your dishes dry themselves so you can avoid packing them wet in the kitchen cabinet.

To avoid the smell of food in the fridge, it is best to put a cup of ground coffee on one of the shelves. Baking soda is also a perfect deodorant, you can even spread it on the bottom of a trash can to neutralize any odours.

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