Some objects and tools accumulate over time and become unusable or unnecessary, so they tend to take up space or worse, get in the way. Of course, sometimes we think that some of these trinkets might come in handy, but let's be honest, this is rarely the case, most of them remain in some corner of the house, gathering dust. Here are a few of the things you can get rid of and relatively rarely go through during a routine cleaning.

Before you do anything, forget the „This will be good for something” approach, because you know you won’t use it anyway. Once you’ re done with that, let the sorting begin!


Let’s start in the kitchen:

  • Look through your spices! Don’t keep the old or expired ones, get rid of them!
  • Next up is the freezer! Throw out very old food!
  • Let go of the kitchen appliances you never use!
  • Among the excess mugs gathering dust, sort out the cracked ones and the ones you don’t like so much. You don’t use them anyway, so they can go to recycling!
  • Finally, get rid of food containers that don’t have a lid, or lids that don’t fit any containers!

Now for the bathroom:

Once you’ve cleared the kitchen of unnecessary or old items, continue the decluttering in the bathroom. Do you know that feeling when, after a while, you can’t find what you need among the many cleaning and cosmetic products?

  • Check the expiry dates of medicines and vitamins, and make sure to drop off at the pharmacy for a correct disposal.
  • Go through your nail polish collection and toss the dried ones!
  • Get rid of expired or unused make-up products!
  • Look through and sort out your beauty products, e.g. body lotions, hand creams, as these also expire over time!
  • Don’t keep the accessories for your broken electronic devices: spare heads for epilators, razors, adapters. They often do not work with other types and generations of machines.
    Pro tip: You can use a MicroUNI microfibre cloth to wipe down your bathroom cabinets, shelves, cosmetics tubes and jars!

Finally, the rest of the house:

  • Finally, go around the rest of the house looking for any unused or unnecessary items to free up space and make your home more comfortable.
  • Get rid of those festive decorations you haven’t used in forever! You know that feeling when you can’t fit anything on the top shelf of your wardrobe because it’s taken up by unused Christmas decorations?
  • Sort through your wardrobe! There are bound to be some pieces that are only taking up space, because even though you love them, you’ll never wear them.
  • Try out the pens at home, and discard the ones that have dried up or run out.
  • Dispose of children’s toys that are no longer used! If you have the opportunity, gift them to someone else who might like to use them!
  • You should also get rid of old newspapers and magazines: preferably take them to the school’s waste paper collection.
  • You no longer need the boxes and instruction manuals for your electronic devices that are out of warranty. Besides, most of the user manuals are available online.
  • Get rid of your pets’ worn, chewed up or no longer used toys!

Pro tip: If possible, don’t throw away tools that are still working and in good condition, but donate or swap them, or even sell them!

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