The many faces of the PowerSCRUB cloth

This multifunctional abrasive cloth combines the gentle touch of a cloth with the effectiveness of a scouring pad. Its secret lies in its scratch-free plastic dots and super absorbent fabric. So how can you make the best use of this amazing product? Here are our top four tips!


It’s hard to believe just how useful an abrasive cloth can be until you try one. It really can make countless everyday cleaning jobs that much easier. At Bonus, we work night and day to help make cleaning an enjoyable activity, which is why we were determined to produce a truly incredible abrasive cloth. Here are four situations where it’s the perfect choice!

1. Washing up baking trays and pans

Though you shouldn’t really burn the food if you’re using these classic kitchen items, it’s hard to avoid some food getting stuck to the base. Then comes the burning question: How to remove encrusted residue without damaging the delicate Teflon or ceramic coating? Sound familiar? After some heavy duty frying/baking, you leave the pots to soak for a few hours to soften up any food residue. You start washing them up with a normal cloth, but after a few seconds you get to the hard part and – for the lack of a more effective tool – you start scratching away with your nails to get rid of the dirt. With a dotted abrasive cloth, the suffering is over! The scrubbing dots found on one side of the cloth are gentle enough not to damage the surface, yet strong enough to make sure you can scrub away any food attached to the base of the pan. Best, of all, you can simply turn the cloth over once you’re done and use the soft side to gently wipe the pan until it’s sparkling clean.

2. Removing stubborn dirt from hard-to-reach places

When the last drops of bubbly dry in the bottom of a high-neck glass, it’s in a place you could reach with your fingers, but where the neck of the glass is far too narrow to clean with a scourer. Once again, a PowerSCRUB cloth will come in more than handy, as it allows you to easily reach the residue without damaging the glass. It’s also perfect for removing residues that have dried into the nooks and crannies of a tube pan or a dessert bowl. The flexibility of the cloth allows you to direct the abrasive dots to the exact point where you need to scrub.

3. Cleaning the microwave

When it comes to hygiene, the inside of the microwave is a weak spot of almost every kitchen. Whenever you use a microwave, hot steam from the food collects inside. It’s also pretty hard to ventilate properly as the door always gets closed a second or two after use. It’s no surprise that bacteria multiply in the dark, damp interior. What’s more, it’s absolutely guaranteed that the next time you use the microwave you will find some spilt food encrusted on the inside. Often, when you come to clean it you have several layers of muck to get through. It’s as if our dotted scrubbing cloth was designed exactly for this purpose! First, place a small bowl of tap water in the microwave. Squeeze in some lemon juice and then set the program for 90 seconds. The citric acid will dissolve the food deposits, while the water will soften them up. Carefully open the door, wait a few minutes for the hot, lemony steam to dissipate, then use the scrubbing part of the cloth to wipe away the loose bits of food. Finally, apply the finishing touches with the soft part of the cloth. You can even add a couple of drops of vinegar to the cloth for total freshness.

4. Clearing the kitchen worktop

The great thing about PowerSCRUB cloths is that you can use them for scrubbing, but they are also super absorbent. When, your work surface best resembles a river that has burst its banks after a successful marathon session in the kitchen, you need a cloth with double the powers. Soak up the fluids with soft side of the PowerSCRUB. Once you’re done, if you still find remnants of food, crumbs or limescale, you can remove them with a firm wipe of the scrubbing side.

5. Cleaning the dirtiest corners of the barbecue

Most of us will have encountered the trials and tribulations of cleaning the barbecue. A great barbecue with friends and family is often the highlight of summer. But most of us would prefer to avoid the aftermath. Though the barbecue grill and the other parts of the barbecue are easily cleaned with a scrubber and a wire brush soap pad, the joints and hidden corners of the barbecue tend to retain the grease. Simply spray some degreaser onto the grill before soaking your PowerSCRUB cloth in hot water. Fold the cloth twice then scrub the dried parts with the scrubbing half, before turning the cloth over and wiping down the entire grill.

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