Tips to clean your car as a professional

It's time to refresh your car and other vehicles, and this time we've got some tips for you in a mini-series.

Let’s start with the body, working from top to bottom.

  • Rinse your car thoroughly with water. Pay great attention to the parts suitable for mud deposition, wheel arches, fenders. If you use well water, make sure it is clean!
  • Using a car shampoo on the body from top to bottom. Use the BONUS Scrub & Wash sponge for bug removal and Goliath or Jumbo sponge can be used in general. Wash off shampoo going from top to bottom.
  • Fold a MicroMaxi cloth into four and then start wiping the car. Start each wipe with the dry surface of the cloth, folding it accoringly. Once you have wiped your car you can use wax to make it shiny!

💡 Pro tip: Be sure to check the condition of parts that are prone to rust. If you spot rusting record it, make notes, or memorize and constantly monitor. Before winter sets in, you may want to fix these places.

Your tires, rims and wheel arches are next.

  • Remove the mud, reach into the tight corners and behind edges. Try to feel the deposited mud and try to remove it with a strong jet of water. A smaller sponge will be most useful for reaching tight spaces, but a kitchen handle brush can also be helpful. Use car shampoo if necessary.
  • Use a sponge and a brush with a handle to clean the side of the tire.
  • Remove deposits from the spokes and small parts of the rim with a small dishwashing sponge, eg BONUS Sponge scourer 10x, or a brush with a handle. You may also need a special cleaning agent to remove the brake dust.

💡 Pro tip: Have you changed the tires yet? It’s time to switch to the summer set! Do you have 4 seasonal tires? It is worth swapping in X to wear the running surface evenly – just don’t switch the rotation, it can cause internal damage to your rubber!

Next one are the windows

  • Use only brand new or freshly laundered cloths.
  • From the inside, proceed to each glass surface with a damp MicroSCRUB microfiber cloth to remove dirt (do not use on plexiglass surfaces!). Remember to lower the window a bit and clean the top as well.
  • If you have washed a window, immediately grab a dry microfiber cloth and wipe dry. It is worth using the BONUS MicroGLASS cloth due to its tight sewing.
  • Repeat from window to window, inside and outside. Don’t forget to wipe the mirrors! Raise the wiper blades and wipe the rubber part with a damp sponge.

💡 Pro tip: check the condition of your wiper and replace if necessary. Check the windshield washer fluid level. It’s worth filling the summer window washer mix with added insect remover substance.

It’s easy to maintain cleanliness in the cockpit, but a real struggle to thoroughly clean the whole interrior.

  • Empty the ash trays, wash the dirt off the pedals and take out the carpets. If plastic carpets, wash it, if textile vacuum and wash if necessary. Push back the seats as far as they go.
  • Use a damp, chemical free microfiber cloth to clean the screens and plexi. Wipe with a dry MicroGLASS cloth for lint and streak free surfaces. Use a damp MicroSCRUB cloth to remove dirt and residue from the steering wheel, hand brake, handrails. The soft side ont he MicroSCRUB cloth is perfect for cleaning the doors.
  • For the sensitive part of the dashboard, use MicroUNI cloths, or the softer side of the MicroSCRUB. The wooden parts should be only cleaned with a dry cloth.
  • In the end, grab a vacuum. Start from the top. Don’t forget to move the seats to the front when cleaning the back. Lay the backrest to clean the dust from the cracks. Take your stuff out from the central console and vacuum thoroughly. Use a damp microfiber cloth if needed. Human and dog hair can be easily removed with a lint roller.

💡 Pro tip: Use textile spray to refresh your seats, carpets, and to give a nice afterclean scent.

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