Always keep your car clean!

Who wouldn't love a shiny, brand new looking car? A professional car cleaning can cost a fortune but luckily there are a few simple practices you can use to achieve spectacular results while saving a lot of money. Just simply use a MicroGLASS cloth to wipe blemishes off, and refresh the leather seats with a MicroUNI cloth combined with a hydrating skin care product.

Use vinegar inside and out

After long journeys with the car from spring to autumn, the front of the vehicle may look like an insect cemetery. You can easily remove arthropod carcasses with plenty of vinegar mixed with water and a MicroSCRUB cloth. The cloth will save the paint on your car but won’t be gentle with insects.

Once you’ve washed your car with a Jumbo car sponge, you can make the final result even brighter using a simple tip. Mix some vinegar with about 5 liters of water and wash the car with it. Then pour a little bit of this mixture to the rinse water too, it will brighten the car after drying.

You can easily remove stubborn stains from carpets with an equal mixture of water and vinegar, using the Goliath sponge. Rub the solution on the stain, leave it to apply, then rinse thoroughly.

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