7-day Holiday Cleaning Plan

We know that the Christmas preparations period can be stressful: getting the gifts, preparing the meals and cleaning up can be quite tiresome. We are running from one task to the other, and in the end – when it’s too late and the guests are already here –, we realise we forgot something. A familiar situation, right?

This is exactly why we have compiled a cleaning plan, in which we’ve grouped cleaning tasks for each day based on practicality. This will ensure no part of the household will remain uncleaned, and you can save time and energy, which you can spend with your loved ones.

Day 1

On the first day, you should go around the house, trying to look at it from a guest’s point of view, see things you’re used to that would jump out to guests. An example is the dried leaves of houseplants. Get rid of them! Distribute holiday preparation tasks between family members before starting them.

Day 2

On the second day, focus on places that are easy to stop, but will not get dirty again until the guests arrive.

  • Clean the windows.
  • Clean skirting boards with a mop.
  • Wash the curtains (if needed).
  • Wash bedsheets (if needed).

Day 3

The bathroom and guest rooms must be especially clean if the guests are staying overnight. Dedicate the third day to cleaning these!

  • Clean the bathroom, the toilet, including the bathroom cupboard and cabinet, thoroughly!
  • Clean up the guest rooms.

Day 4

The fourth day is for cleaning the hall, so it is suited for greeting guests.

  • Take off everything you do not use regularly from the coat hanger, so the guests have room for their coats.
  • Check the rugs for spots and dirt, and if you find any, remove it!

Day 5

Just two days until the holidays, and unfortunately, the kitchen must be cleaned also.

  • Degrease the stove, the oven and the grill!
  • Throw out expired food from the fridge. Don’t forget about the dust on top of the freezer.
  • Wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen, including the countertop, as well as both the exteriors and interiors of kitchen cupboards!

Day 6

Spend the sixth day dusting in other areas of the apartment. If you dust earlier, a new layer might settle on the surfaces until the guests arrive.

  • Sweep the front of the house or the terrace. Put out your exterior decorations.
  • Wipe down all surfaces, bookshelves, wardrobes!
  • Also clean the sink and the drainer.

Day 7

Just a few small tasks left before celebrating.

  • Take out the rubbish.
  • Put clean hand towels in the bathroom, check that there is enough soap for washing hands.
  • Mop the floor tiles and floor surfaces.
  • Clean the carpets with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Finally, decorate the interior as you like, so the atmosphere will be truly celebratory!

Based on the article written by Better Homes & Gardens. If you want to see more tips and tricks, visit our cleaning tips section. We hope that you’ve found this article useful.

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