Simple home practices

The cleanliness of your bathroom and toilet is the best example on how clean you are! When it comes to bleaching and disinfection, it is mostly chlorine that comes to our mind, although it is not necessary to use the strongest chemicals for cleaning. Instead, try these proven home remedies that will spare your wallet but not the dirt!

Clean without chemicals

If you want to clean the water container and the toilet at the same time, pour half a box of baking soda into the container once a month, leave it to work overnight and then flush the toilet several times in the morning. If, after all your attempts, you do not see the toilet bowl as bright as it once was, rinse it thoroughly with vinegar using a PowerSCRUB scrubbing cloth and rinse with clean, cold water. This will remove any residual deposits.

You can also bring back the shine of a completely faded and worn surface with a special home-made solution. Mix half a glass of vinegar, half a glass of ammonia and half a glass of borax with three and a half liters of warm water. Then rub the toilet with this mixture and rinse it thoroughly with cold water.

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