10 reasons why you should use rubber gloves

Many people can't imagine their lives without them, others get chafed. Here are 10 tips why you should use rubber gloves!

When should you use it?

  • Some chemicals used when cleaning the gas stove or bathtub can be highly irritating or damaging to the skin, so protect with rubber gloves!
  • Cleaning is quicker if things don’t slip out of your hands (literally), because the grip texture of the gloves ensures a firm grip!
  • For dirty jobs like cleaning toilets or drains, you don’t want to do it with bare hands, so a pair of gloves comes in handy.
  • Dirt in the bathroom is not only made up of scale and dirt, but also the presence of many pathogens, against which gloves are the perfect protection.
  • Put on a rubber glove and simply drag your hand across the surface. This will help to remove the fur from the surface.
  • You can use it for hair dyeing, it gives a much better feel and a more precise grip than nylon gloves, and it protects your skin!
  • For opening jars, you can use the rubber glove for extra strength, as it provides excellent grip!
  • By cutting a strip of the rubber glove, you can make a durable, elastic rubber band or rubber ring.
  • You can also use a pair of clean gloves when mixing a cake or other dough, and then easily remove the sticky paste.
  • When sewing on thick fabrics and textiles, it is easier to pierce the needle, as the rubber gloves provide extra grip and adhesion.

Pro tips for usage:

  • Store them correctly! Store them in a dry, clean place at room temperature – after all, what’s the point of storing them in a dirty place? Dry them carefully in a shaded area, preferably in the open air, before storing, as bacteria can easily multiply in a humid environment.
  • Check before use! Check carefully for weakened or torn gloves before use, as chemicals can easily damage gloves. If they ruin the glove, what can they do to your hands? Make sure the gloves are used in good condition.
  • Don’t just use one pair! Use different coloured gloves for different tasks. BONUS gloves are available in 3 colours: red, yellow and lime green. It is worth using separate gloves for the toilet, bathroom and kitchen.
  • Don’t forget to clean! While the gloves are on, clean them. It’s surprisingly easy, just wash your hands with soap as you would without gloves. Liquid soap that doesn’t hurt your hands won’t hurt your gloves. After washing your hands with gloves, dry with a towel to remove most of the water. If necessary turn it inside out and flush it with lukewarm water.
  • Use it! Remember, gloves are there for your protection, it’s okay if they get ruined in use, that’s what they’re there for.

Fotók: Lililana Drew (pexels.com)

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