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Our company, Bonus LTD., Hungary’s major manufacturer of cleaning products and mop heads, and accordingly our products are widely available to users and distributors of professional and household cleaning products. Our work is characterized by family values, friendly partnerships and high product quality from start to the present day. We are committed to ensuring that the Hungarian products we sell are of high quality on the domestic and international markets.

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Development, development, and again development

2019 is the year of development: we have begun injection molding of our plastic products and their components on our latest technology electric injection molding machines. The automatic sponge production system which significantly improved our productivity is also our own development. Perforation and assembly of non-woven cloths and automated production of scrubbers has started aswell. Thanks to our continuous development, we have also produced patented, innovative, high quality household cleaning products such as MPS and MPPS scrubber.

This year we bought a 2000 m² site in Mohács. Here we produce textile yarns used in the production of mop heads, of which we produce about 450 tons annually with 30 employees.

We are proud that it is important for European and Hungarian supermarket chains and professional hygiene companies to market and use Hungarian products. Many store chains and companies have asked us to produce their own branded products in several product categories.

A little math, or Bonus LTD. in numbers

more than 25 years of experience

more than 25 years
of experience

export to12 countries

export to
12 countries

6 500 m2total plant area

6 500 m2
total plant area



350 tonnesof textile yarn

350 tonnes
of textile yarn

150 millionsponges

150 million

35 millionmop heads

35 million
mop heads

10 millioncloths

10 million

8 million metaland plastic scrubbers

8 million metal
and plastic scrubbers

500 thousandbuckets

500 thousand

Quality and reliability

Our management system, which covers the scope of production and distribution of household cleaning products, is regularly audited by Tequa-Zert Kft. Our company operates in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 28001:2008 standards.

Bonus is one of the financially sound companies in Hungary. Bisnode, one of Europe’s leading financial analysts, ranked it as „AAA – highest creditworthiness”. Only 0.63% of Hungarian companies boast this rating category.


Development and growth

We were soon confronted with the gratifying fact that, as the number of orders increased, we outgrown our available space, so we had to expand in 1996. During this period, an industrial lease was used as a production site, where besides the scrubbers, also the production of sponges have started. For this purpose we created our own machinery: a cutting and gluing machine to ensure high-quality production.

We use only high quality foams for our sponges. Not only is the density of the material important to us, we also take special care to ensure that our products provide long-lasting foaming, while at the same time rinsing should not require excessive use of water. We have worked with our supplier to develop optimal cell density and foam hardness.

As the number of orders and the volume of production increased, the administrative tasks expanded and became more diverse. In order to be able to operate in the same high standard as the manufacturing processes, Ivanka Botos, the wife of the CEO, joined the company as owner-manager. From this moment on, Bonus Kft. Operated as a family business.

BONUS Heavy Duty HoReCa sponge

New production site, new products

In 2000, a new member of the product was introduced by our company: the product category of cloths. In parallel, we also purchased our current site in the Siklós Industrial Park. The year 2004 was a milestone in the life of the company, when it began to manufacture mop heads. This activity has set our company on a long-term development path.


New resources for family business through EU tenders

In 2007, another member of the family Andrej Botos, the son of the owner joined the company. Andrej is responsible for importing raw materials and for further growth in trade. Since 2008, the company has applied for several EU tenders, all of which have been found to be worthy of support. As a result, further developments in manufacturing technology and site development were initiated.

Hungarian Product Trademark and new branding

In 2013, Bonus Kft. won the right to carry the Hungarian Product Trademark on a large proportion of products. At the same time, the SAP enterprise management system was introduced at the company.

In 2015, the entire brand and company image was renewed and we also registered our BONUS+ and BONUSPRO brands. The latter was launched for serving the HoReCa segment, which uses professional hygiene products with high standards.

This year was a year of expansions: our mop head production capacity, forklift truck and truck fleet were expanded, and a CNC sponge cutting machine was purchased, making it possible to produce sponges of any shape. Thanks to this, we can meet not only unique shapes but also individual needs in different sizes, shapes, colors and material combinations. Accordingly, the production of antibacterial foams, sponges made from recycled natural materials, or combinations with heat-resistant abrasives gave the company new possibilities.

BONUS Household Cleaning Products
Chemical safety

Exceptional chemical safety is the new goal

In the second half of 2019, our products were subjected to voluntary microbiological and dissolution tests. Our goal was to make sure that the products we produce are safe enough. An independent laboratory test proved that our microfiber products remove 99.95% of surface pathogens. This good property only and exclusively applies to microfiber products of the right quality, including all Bonus wipes and mops.

For our plastic, metal and cellulose products, a dissolution test was performed. By testing each of our products, we were able to ensure that the dissolution of the various compounds in contact with water or a detergent could not be measured or was well below the limit, thus expanding the line of arguments in favor of Bonus products.

Renewable upkeep

When aiming for our 2020 plans at BONUS, we have voted in favor of a carbon neutral and ecologically sustainable production, development and management.

In order for a sustainable management and to reduce negative environmental impact, we decided to install a system of solar arrays in a size that meets the total electricity demand of our plant and warehouses.

In addition to LED luminaires, our electric injection molding machines also represent the latest technology, further reducing our power consumption. We also recycle almost 100% of the waste generated during plastic molding.

Based on our annual CO2 emissions, last year we set an achievable target, to reduce our negative environmental impact and retroactively neutralized our annual CO2 emissions with tree planting through the international organization CO2NSENSUS.

Our truck fleet will be renewed from the middle of 2020. Trucks equipped with state-of-the-art EURO6 classification standards have significantly lower emissions, which contributes to cleaner air for the environment of our partner cities.

Preparations planned for 2020 are also well under way, with the aim of replacing our polypropylene pacaging material with degradable corn-starch foil.

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