Clean green!

Clean green!

Our full lineup of evironmentally conscious cleaning tools!

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B693 Immunetec by BONUS Bioactive Sponge
B693 Bioactive Sponge The safe sponge

The Bioactive Sponge is the leader of the new generation of safe cleaning products. The silver-ionic composition efficiently destroys sponge-dwelling patogens.

Silver-ionic protection Antimicrobial composition
B785 Bioactive Microcloth
B785 Bioactive Microcloth Affordable color-coded hygiene

The antimicrobial material and four-color design of Bioactive Microcloth are the perfect partner for the hygienic safety of our household.

Silver-ion protection antimicrobial composition
B641 BONUS+ MicroMOP Soft set Microfiber mopset for indoors
B648 BONUS+ PinkMOP Microfiber mopset for indoors

Perfect mop set for smooth and wooden surfaces. With its large contact area, the microfiber mop easily loosens and entraps the dirt, leaving only minimal water behind. Also you don't have to hide this decorative set in the closet.

Microfiber technology, available in set
B655 BONUS+ MicroMOP Soft set Microfiber mopset for indoors
B655 BONUS+ PinkMOP Stylish and powerful cleaning power

The BONUS+ PinkMOP set combines high quality with an eye-catching design. You can easily clean your most precious indoor floors while also staying stylish.

Microfiber technology, spring colors
B723 BONUS SoftMOP PINK set for indoor and outdoor use
B723 BONUS SoftMOP PINK SET Stylish look with a great price

Give some stylish upgrade to you household cleaning tools with the BONUS SoftMOP PINK set. The set is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Recycled fibers, colours of spring
B464 BONUS+ Grill SmartPACK Grill cleaning tool pack
B464 BONUS+ Grill SmartPACK Grill cleaning tool pack

The grill pack has been designed with great ingenuity, professionalism and economical considerations. With this kit the grueling barbecue cleaning can now be fast and efficient.

Zip-lock bag, smartly assembled
B471 BONUS+ KitchenSmartPACK Kitchen cleaning tool pack
B471 BONUS+ Kitchen SmartPACK Kitchen cleaning tool pack

Kitchen SmartPACK is an economical cleaning tool package that can meet all your kitchen needs. With this pack you can simply and smartly provide your kitchen with towels, cloths and sponges.

Zip-lock bag, smartly assembled
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